Frequently Asked Questions

What is Living a Creative Life?

LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE is an arts development strategy for Calgary, and built by Calgarians. The strategy was produced through a rigorous consultation process facilitated by Calgary Arts Development and is a result of our year as a Cultural Capital of Canada in 2012.

What happened to Arts Plan?

‘Arts Plan’ was the name given to the consultation process that led to the creation of LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE: An Arts Development Strategy for Calgary. The completed strategy is now referred to as LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE.

How will the goals of LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE be accomplished?

Once the strategy framework was solidified in January 2014, Calgary Arts Development sought formal support for the strategy from the many stakeholders who took part in building LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE. Organizations who choose to become signatories to the strategy pledge to contribute to one or more tactics outlined in LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE, and agree to consider the strategy’s overall framework during their own strategic planning. Signatories will also participate in shared measurement activities so that the progress of the strategy’s goals can be tracked.

The ongoing work of LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE will be detailed in separate tactical plans, which will summarize the work currently being undertaken in support of each focus area, the activities of relevant signatories, as well as reporting on results. Calgary Arts Development will update these plans annually in collaboration with LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE signatories. Refer to the Tactical Plans page for more information.

Who is involved in LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE?

Over 1,000 voices went into the creation of LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE: An Arts Development Strategy for Calgary, many of which are credited on the Acknowledgements page. Now that the strategy is complete, organizations are invited to become signatories to Living a Creative Life. A current list of signatories to the strategy is available here.

What is Calgary Arts  Development and what is its role in LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE?

Calgary Arts Development was created by City Council as part of the 2004 Calgary Civic Arts Policy. As an arm’s length arts development authority for The City of Calgary, Calgary Arts Development plays a leadership role to promote, foster and direct investments that develop the capacity of Calgary’s arts sector to achieve public and artistic impact.

From April 2012 to December 2013, Calgary Arts Development facilitated the rigorous public consultation process that led to LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE, ensuring that the final strategy would be for Calgary, built by Calgarians. Now that the strategy is complete, Calgary Arts Development is committed to delivering the following support to LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE:

  • analyzing data collected from signatories and other sources
  • ongoing tracking and annual reporting on the progress made towards the outcomes of LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE
  • continuing to engage endorsers and signatories to LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE
  • facilitating collaboration between signatories

In 2015, Calgary Arts Development will present one tactical plan for each of the five LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE focus areas. These tactical plans, and those that follow, will include detailed measurements for all of the outcomes outlined in the strategy, as well as selected signatory activities. The measurements published in the 2015 plan will serve as a baseline against which future years can be measured for progress.

Calgary Arts Development will take LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE into account when crafting its next four-year Strategic Plan, to be finalized June 30, 2014. This strategic plan will provide the basis for Calgary Arts Development’s budget, which will inform Calgary Arts Development’s request to The City of Calgary later in 2014 as part of their four-year budget cycle.

How can I get involved?

If you are passionate about the arts in Calgary, there is a place for you in Living a Creative Life. Here are a few ways you can get involved: