Presenting Living a Creative Life to City Council

On March 5, 2014, Calgary Arts Development presented Living a Creative Life: An Arts Development Strategy for Calgary to The City of Calgary’s Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services. The committee heard from other Living a Creative Life signatories including Calgary Economic Development, International Avenue BRZ, Theatre Calgary and YMCA Calgary, and praised the collaborative nature of the strategy.

At its next AGM in spring 2014, Calgary Arts Development will report to The City of Calgary on its activities in 2013 and provide an update on how Calgary Arts Development will support the implementation of Living a Creative Life through its next four-year business plan. While this meeting is not open to the public, Calgary Arts Development will share the same information publicly at its annual Report to Community, which will also be held in the spring (exact date TBD).

Calgary Arts Development will present its four-year business plan and budget request, aligned with Living a Creative Life, to The City of Calgary in fall 2014. 


What are Standing Policy Committees (SPCs) and how do they relate to City Council?

The City of Calgary has four Standing Policy Committees (Community and Protective Services, Planning and Urban Development, Transportation and Transit, Utilities and Corporate Services) that report directly to City Council. Each committee is made up of seven Councillors and meets monthly to discuss relevant topics in greater depth on behalf of City Council.

The role of the SPCs includes making new or revised policy proposals, making final decisions within Council policy and receiving reports for information. SPCs make recommendations to City Council for adoption. More information on communicating with Calgary City Council and its Committees.

What is the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services?

This committee is responsible for parks, recreational, cultural and social services; civic partners, affordable housing; disaster services; bylaw services; emergency medical, fire and rescue services; grants related to such services provided or allocated by The City. More information.

Who sits on the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services?

Councillor Diane Colley-Urquhart (Chair), Councillor Andre Chabot (Vice-Chair), Councillor Shane Keating, Councillor Joe Magliocca, Councillor Richard Pootmans, Councillor Jim Stevenson, Councillor Ward Sutherland, Mayor Naheed Nenshi (Ex-Officio).

What is Calgary Arts Development’s relationship to The City of Calgary?

Calgary Arts Development was created by City Council as part of the 2004 Calgary Civic Arts Policy. As a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary, Calgary Arts Development has its own management team and board of directors, and is also accountable to its sole shareholder, City Council. Calgary Arts Development is also classified as a Civic Partner. More information.

What is Calgary Arts Development’s relationship to Living a Creative Life?

Calgary Arts Development was directed, via the Calgary Civic Arts Policy, to create an arts development strategy for Calgary, and therefore facilitated a rigorous consultation process that led to Living a Creative Life: An Arts Development Strategy for Calgary.

A strategy of this scope requires broad and unprecedented collaboration, with stakeholders from different sectors committing to the vision and goals of Living a Creative Life. The strategy already has many signatories, i.e., groups or organizations that have agreed to contribute to one or more tactics of Living a Creative Life and consider the strategy’s overall vision and focus areas during their own strategic planning. Signatories will also participate in shared measurement activities so that the progress of the strategy’s goals can be tracked.

As a signatory to Living a Creative Life, Calgary Arts Development is committed to:

  • analyzing data collected from signatories and other sources
  • ongoing tracking and annual reporting on the progress made towards the outcomes of Living a Creative Life
  • continuing to engage endorsers and signatories to Living a Creative Life
  • facilitating collaboration between signatories